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Participation of RACUS organization in international educational exhibition in Cairo (Egypt)

07/02/2018 02:10:00 pm
On June 29-30, 2018, RACUS took part in international educational exhibition that took place in the capital of Egypt – Cairo. Higher educational institutions of Russia, Great Britain, Cyprus, Malaysia and other countries were represented at the exhibition.
Every year Egyptian youth are increasingly interested in higher education abroad, and in particular in education in Rus-sia, which is promoted by the active advertising and information work conducted by RACUS organization in the country. High quality of educational programs, affordable cost of education and living in conjunction with a high quality of life, coupled with internationally recognized diplomas, make Russian higher education one of the most demandable among the youth of Egypt.
During the international exhibition in Cairo the visitors of the stand of RACUS group of Russian state universities re-ceived exhaustive information about the conditions of study, accommodation, insurance, the necessary documents for admission to Russian universities, the advantages, high quality and world prestige of Russian higher education, and also about the features of life in Russia, traditions and cultural heritage of the country. The applicants got acquainted with 20 Russian state universities of RACUS group, which offers more than 500 medical, technical, economic and humanitarian programs available in Russian, English and French medium.
None of visitors of the Russian stand was left without gifts – each of them received colorful souvenirs and information brochures about higher education in Russia. For further consultations and direct admission to the Russian state universi-ties of RACUS group, all candidates were invited to RACUS representative offices in Egypt.