Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping

About the University

Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping is one of the leading maritime technical Russian and foreign universities. Creation and development of the University is inextricably connected to the formation and perfection of the Russian fleet. Its history dates back to 1781 when under the decree of Empress Catherine II the first nautical schools were opened in the Russian Empire. Keeping the best traditions and following the innovative models of teaching, today the University is the largest specialized center in Russia for training highly qualified specialists for the maritime transport industry.
Programs and fees
Language of instruction
Course duration
Tuition fees for one academic year ***
Hostel accommodation fees for one academic year
Life and health insurance fees for one year
Total for one academic year ***
Bachelor's Degree
4 years
$ 2450 - 3250
$ 750
$ 160
$ 3360 - 4160
Master's Degree
2 years
$ 2950 - 3500
$ 750
$ 160
$ 3860 - 4410
Specialist's Qualification
5 years
$ 2750 - 5100
$ 750
$ 160
$ 3660 - 6010
Programs and fees
Applied Informatics
Civil Engineering
Electrical Power/Electrical Engineering
Information Security
Information Security of Automated Systems
Information Systems and Technologies
Operation of Ship Electrical and Automation equipment
Operation of Ship Power Plants
Operation of Transport Machines and Complexes
Ship Navigation
Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering and System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure
Technical Operation of Transport Radio Equipment
Transport Process Technology
Water Transport Management and Hydro-graphic Ship Navigation Support
Language of instruction
Course duration
Tuition fees for one academic year ***
Hostel accommodation fees for one academic year
Life and health insurance fees for one year
Total for one academic year ***
Bachelor's Degree
4 years
$ 2450
$ 750
$ 160
$ 3360
Programs and fees
Organization and management of shipbuilding and shiprepair production
State and Municipal Management
Language of instruction
Course duration
Tuition fees for one academic year ***
Hostel accommodation fees for one academic year
Life and health insurance fees for one year
Total for one academic year ***
Bachelor's Degree
4 years
$ 2550
$ 750
$ 160
$ 3460
Programs and fees
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Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping
For most young people willing to obtain a profession in the field of water transport, studies at State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping are the fulfillment of the dream of a high quality and internationally demanded education. For more than 237 years the University has been training high qualified specialists for the marine and river transport sector. Today the University has 14 000 students from over 50 countries who receive fundamental knowledge and applied skills.

The University is deservedly called the flagship of maritime education in Russia. It trains professional captains, navigation officers, mechanics, engineers, electricians, specialists in shipbuild-ing and ship repair companies, managers and other employees of sea and river ports. Upon graduation, students obtain Russian state diploma, indicating that they have received higher education in Russia, specifying their degree/qualification and specialty.

There are six branches in the structure of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping located in the coastal cities and regional centers of Russia close to the largest rivers.

The University owns 16 ships of various modifications: 4 ships, 11 yachts and the legendary, fastest sailing ship on the planet "MIR" - the sea symbol of St. Petersburg. They all are platforms for students’ practice.

The quality of education is confirmed by the professional achievements of the graduates, thanks to which the university is known in more than 100 countries of the world. High-class specialists work on ships with foreign flags as a part of Russian and multinational crews.

Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping is officially recognized at the international level. Engineering educational programs of the University received international accreditation of the British Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology - IMarEST. Ex-perts of this most authoritative international organization noted the high quality of the following educational programs of the University:

  • Operation of Transport Machines and Complexes, specialty Operation of Port Equipment and Transport Terminals
  • Electrical Power/Electrical Engineering, specialty Electric Drive and Automation
  • Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering and System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure, specialty Ship Power Plants
  • Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering and System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure, specialty Ship-building
International accreditation is not only an indicator of the prestige of the University but also a criterion that helps applicants to choose university. This is a sign of quality, compliance of educational programs with international standards. Employers of international companies in the field of sea and river fleet are confident in the high level of competences of students of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping. Thus, new opportunities for building honorable inter-national career are open for young professionals.

The need for professional personnel in the field of sea and river transport in the international labor market continues to grow steadily from year to year. The construction of new and reconstruc-tion of existing ports is supported by state development programs. This allows graduates to have guaranteed job opportunities. With the diploma of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping you will always feel your importance and advantage in the labor market.
year of foundation
training programs
2 540
14 000
international students from 50 countries of the world
Students of the University were awarded diplomas of the Government of St. Petersburg at the XXII Assembly of Young Scientists and Specialists
The University received the grand prize award of the seventh marine youth festival "MORFEST-2015"
Gold medal in the competition "European quality" in the nomination "100 best universities of Russia" (from more than 2000 universities-participants)

The University is named after Stepan Osipovich Makarov – famous vice-admiral of the Russian navy, oceanographer, explorer and shipbuilder. He made a lot of engineering inventions, one of the most famous is the first mine transport

University teaching staff
More than 75% of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the University has academic degrees - Doctors of Science, Professors. The University is proud of its teachers, among whom the President of the Academy of Transport of the Russian Federation, honored scientists of the Russian Federation, honorary workers of transport and river fleet.
Thanks to the highly professional work of the teaching staff, the University was awarded the Gold Medal at the competition "European Quality" in 2004 in the nomination "100 best universities in Russia" (more than 2000 universities of Russia took part in this competition).
The University has extensive contacts with foreign educational institutions. Teachers undergo internships in foreign partner universities (Germany, France, England, Sweden, Poland, Nether-lands, China, USA, Norway, Finland, etc.).
Employees of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping are sincerely interested in the comprehensive development of students and that they acquire knowledge and competence which will allow them to become competitive specialists and professionals in their field.
International cooperation
Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping actively takes part in the development of international scientific and educational activities. The University is a member of international associations such as ISTA International Sail Training Association, EDINNA Association of Educational in Inland Navigation, WEGEMT European Association of Universities in Mari-time Technology and Related Sciences, IAMU International Association of Maritime Universities and others.
The University constantly expands the number of its foreign partners. One of the priority goals is to increase the academic mobility of students, cadets and teachers. Successful students who speak well English, French and other languages can get an opportunity to study at university partner for one semester or a year.
International conferences and seminars on the subject of maritime industry, education and science are regularly held at the University.
Today, the University trains 400 foreign cadets from Europe, Asia and Africa. The University plans to increase the number of foreign students annually, allocating additional quotas in accord-ance with the high demand for various educational programs.
Study and practice
Education at the University is organized in accordance with state educational standards. Marine requirements of training take into account the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. This is the only university in the country that trains specialists for work on nuclear icebreakers.
High qualified teachers, modern scientific schools, high-tech lecture base and unique complex of laboratories for training of the crew make educational process effective and interesting. Classes at the Marine Training Center allow students to work out in detail necessary professional skills. Distance learning, digital libraries, multimedia training courses and much more are available at the University.
The University preserves long-standing academic educational traditions and develops innovative technologies and teaching methods. Fundamental knowledge of the most important academic disciplines is successfully supplemented by current trends in professional nautical knowledge.
Other possibilities in education
Strategic cooperation of the University with a number of foreign universities allows students to join short-term and long-term programs of academic mobility. Students have the opportunity to attend the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (Finland); Stord/Haugesund University College (Norway); Shanghai Maritime University (China); Maine Maritime Academy (USA) and others.
Thanks to contracts with classification societies and educational funds among which ABS and Lloyds Register, students of the University have the opportunity to participate in relevant grant programs.
Students can get deeper knowledge of the specifics of water transport professions in two museums of the University. The exposition of the Museum of the History of the Navy and Academy represents the history of the navy with scientific discoveries and engineering developments of vessels of various classes. A visit to the University Museum is a chance to learn more about signifi-cant corporate history of a prestigious educational institution.
The University pays great attention to the students’ practice and implements cooperation with many Russian shipping companies. The University has established partnerships and business relations with Rosmorport, Rosneft, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, North-Western Shipping Company, Commonwealth Marine Surveyors, The Russian Chamber of Shipping, Transas Navigator, Northwest Transport Union, Central Marine Research and Design Institute, with all the shipbuilding and ship-repair plants in St. Petersburg and the region.
The largest sea port of St. Petersburg is located next to the University, which allows students to learn on practice about organization of the work of sea transport, get imbued with the spirit of the future profession.
To organize high-quality practice for students and obtain professional international experience, the University attracts foreign partners for cooperation. Every year about 100 cadets undergo practice on the ships of foreign companies such as Stena (Sweden), Boskalis (Netherlands), Nor-Gaz (Norway), Wessels (Germany) and others.
Such places of practice allow students of the University to try their hand in conditions that are as close to reality as possible and to receive important professional experience.
Student Life
Comfortable living conditions
Students are accommodated in one of four modern and comfortable hostels. The building is equipped with everything you need: kitchens, laundry, study rooms, gym, etc. There are cafes and shopping centers close to the hostel. Each of the hostels has free internet access.
The university campus has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Life in youth environment brings students with common interests together and leads to real friendship. And the friendship among representatives of different cultures is especially valuable.
Interesting hobbies
Student life at the University is fascinating. Everyone can choose a class and join creative studios of the University - cheerleading team Gulfstream, dance group Balance, vocal studio Vokalist, cadet choir, brass band, folk dance studio "Sea Wolves", drummers studio "Baltic Seagulls", dance team "SDK", etc.
Students can try themselves as a reporter or editor at the journalistic studio "Vestnik", where student newspaper "Makarovsky Vestnik" is published. Independent news channel "Makarov Today" is also at students’ disposal.
The University pays as lot of attention to the creative development of students. So, students creative competitions "Silver anchor" and "Debut", photo competition "In the sea like at home", literary competition "Salute to the glory of sailors" are held regularly.
The University has well-developed sports facilities that allow to conduct training classes: playgrounds (football, basketball, volleyball), specialized halls for martial arts and boxing, gym, shooting gallery, table tennis hall, health rehabilitation center. For swimming classes, the University rents a swimming pool.
The University has ten racing yachts. Students can engage in marine all-around, academic rowing and sailing. As a result, cadets win prizes in various sports competitions of urban, regional and international level.
100% support and security
Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping takes with great responsibility successful adaptation of foreign students providing them with comprehensive support from the first day of the arrival for studies and until the graduation from the University.
And the most important you get:
Prestigious and internationally recognized diploma
You will receive a Russian State Diploma certifying your degree and qualification. You may also get an additional document on demand – “Diploma Supplement” which enables you to receive foreign credential evaluations in any country of the world to pursue further education or find a job.
Affordable Education
You will acquire professional education in Russia at affordable price with the best correspondence of price and quality. Your studies are partially subsidized by the Russian government which reduces tuition fees and makes education affordable for citizens from different countries taking into account family income and opportunities.
The quality of education
You will receive high quality education in the field of water transport which is actively developing now. Studies at Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping will allow you to get a demanded and highly paid profession.
Immersion in the profession
You will receive applied skills along with theoretical knowledge. Every educational program is aimed at ensuring that students can successfully apply their knowledge in future professional activity.
Personal comfort
You will be sure that at every stage of your studies you will be given proper support and assistance in resolving educational and everyday issues. You will live and learn in a warm, friendly atmosphere.
Personal growth
The University offers you great opportunities helping to realize your intellectual and creative potential. You will be involved in academic, scientific, creative and sports activities.
Learning about new cultures
The beauty and scale of the Russian metropolis – the city of St. Petersburg, in which the University is located; knowledge of Russian cuisine, customs and traditions; acquaintance with people from different cities and countries, new hobbies – all this will make your student life fascinating and memorable.
Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping is located in the sea capital of Russia - St. Petersburg. In this city the Russian fleet was founded, famous traditions were cresated and the history of Russian navigation began.
Famous scientists and seafarers who made great geographical discoveries lived and worked in St. Petersburg. In the 18th century the officer of the Russian navy Vitus Bering for the first time passed through the northern water spaces, reached North America and opened a number of islands of the Aleutian ridge. In the 19th century, Admiral Ivan Krusenstern made the first Russian round-the-world expedition.
St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The historical center of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. For 200 years the city was the capital of Russia. All the best in culture and progressive in science was concentrated in St. Petersburg. Today it remains the cultural capital of Russia, and Moscow is the official capital. You can easily make an exciting excursion to the very heart of Russia - to Moscow. Trip on a high-speed train to the Russian capital takes only 3.5 hours, which is very fast taking into consideration the huge territory of Russia.
The architecture of St. Petersburg reflects the features of famous European cities - Rome, Venice, Paris, Amsterdam. The most authoritative architects from Europe were invited to take part in the construction of St. Petersburg. More than three hundred years ago you can still admire their genuine masterpieces - Peter and Paul Fortress, Winter Palace, Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Bourse and many others.
St. Petersburg is a cultural center of world significance. The Hermitage stores unique collections of paintings, sculptures and crafts. The Russian Museum has a magnificent collection of national paintings. On the stage of the Mariinsky Theater, you can listen to the opera music of the great composers and watch the famous Russian ballets.
Walking around St. Petersburg will give incredible impressions. The city is buried in the greenery of parks and gardens. A special charm to the appearance of St. Petersburg is given by rivers and canals, embankments and bridges. There are 342 bridges in the city. Excursion on a river boat will open to you a new view of the city from the water.
St. Petersburg has a unique natural landscape, which creates great water spaces. The city is located on the banks of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland. The sea climate, picturesque fogs and rains create a special romantic atmosphere in the city.
Summer in St. Petersburg is the time of "white nights". This is a phenomenon of the northern nature. The sun practically does not leave the sky. At night it's so light that you can read a book sitting on a bench near a beautiful embankment. During this period the city never sleeps - excursions, romantic meetings, walks and conversations with friends, amazing views of opened bridges and the great Neva River. St. Petersburg is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is annually visited by about 8 million tourists - it's almost twice as many as the city's population.
Come to study in St. Petersburg and this all will be yours too!