Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University

About the University

Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University is a leader in training highly qualified specialists for Russian and international chemical-pharmaceutical industry.
The University was founded in 1919. This is the first higher pharmaceutical educational institution in Russia, which for 100 years of its work has formed a decent reputation in the Russian and international pharmaceutical market.
Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University is a state university.
Programs and fees
Language of instruction
Course duration
Tuition fees for one academic year ***
Hostel accommodation fees for one academic year
Life and health insurance fees for one year
Total for one academic year ***
Pharmacy - 1st year
5 years
$ 600
$ 160
Pharmacy - 2nd - 5th years
5 years
$ 4300
$ 600
$ 160
$ 5060
Programs and fees
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Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University
In accordance with the ranking of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the University has the highest rating among Russian pharmaceutical and medical universities.

The University is a member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), it cooperates with the largest domestic and world pharmaceutical companies.

Throughout its great 100-year history, the University has always been a leader in training specialists for the Russian and international pharmaceutical industry. Today these traditions continue. Graduates of the University are in demand; they work in the largest international pharmaceutical companies, in research centers and chemical laboratories.

At present, various pharmaceutical clusters are actively developing in the world, for which highly skilled staff is required. After studying at the University, you will be able to get a high-quality higher education in the field of development and production of pharmaceuticals, to become an expert fully prepared for work in the pharmaceutical as well as in the biotechnological, cosmetics and food industries, including managing the pharmacy. This education gives wide range of professional activities, which will always be in demand in the labor market.
foundation year
3 200
international students from 37 countries
Gold medal "European quality"
in the nomination "100 best universities of Russia"
Holder of the international award "Profession-Life"
in the nomination "Medical education institution of the year"

"It is impossible to foresee frontiers of the scientific knowledge".
Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev, a famous Russian scientist. He discovered the periodic law of chemical elements, thereby he has made a fundamental contribution to world science

Professors of the University
Honored scientists of the Russian Federation (RF), honored workers of higher education, excellent workers of health-care, honored doctors, holders of the award of the Government of Russia in science and technology work at the University. More than 80% of university professors have scientific doctorate degrees and degree of candidate of sciences, diplomas of professors and assistant professors. The university is proud of its faculty members.
Professors of the University annually participate in international scientific conferences and research projects. They publish scientific articles in leading international journals. Scientific researches are actively carried out at the University; scientists annually obtain patents for the development of new drugs.
The university is integrated into the system of multilevel advanced training of personnel for ensuring the perspective development of the pharmaceutical industry, on its base the "Center of excellence for the pharmaceutical industry in the field of drug provision" was established as well as two enterprise-based departments – participants of the innovative territorial pharmaceutical cluster of St. Petersburg (BIOCAD company-based department of recombinant technology, department of Immunobiotechnology of FGUP SPbNIIVS FMBA of Russia).
International cooperation
The University conducts a great deal of international activity in various areas: research, academic, innovation and technology. Over the years partnerships were formed with leading universities in Europe, Asia, and America. The cooperation with leading international pharmaceutical companies and research centers is constantly developing. The high status and authority of the University is confirmed by the fact that it is a member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).
Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University has been preparing specialists for foreign countries since 1955. For more than 60 years the university successfully teaches international students in the fields of "Pharmacy" and "Biotechnology", provides postgraduate education and organizes scientific internships.
At present, students from Asian, African, Middle East, and European countries study at the University. Having obtained a diploma, graduates get decent and well-paid jobs in their home countries - they become managers or heads of pharmaceutical companies, official representatives of the largest pharmaceutical companies, open their own pharmacies.
It is important to emphasize that education takes into account the specificity of the work of future graduates therefore, courses such as infectious diseases of hot countries, subtropical medicinal plants, pharmacological aspects of the pharmaceutical market of foreign countries are introduced in the curriculum.
The University constantly monitors the quality of education, the relevance of the content to the requirements of the modern industry market. All this give the opportunity to get a high-level education and become a fully fledged specialist.
The most important principle of teaching students at the University is integration of theory and practice, from the first months of training students are completely immersed in the profession. Lectures and practical classes are conducted by teachers who have doctoral degrees and degree of candidates of sciences. Lectures are held at a high academic level. Guest lectures are read by leading Russian and foreign experts of the pharmaceutical industry.
During their studies at the University, students also receive in-depth general engineering and chemical-biological training, as well as knowledge of higher mathematics, mechanics, computer science and other disciplines.
The university has well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, computer classes, modern technology and special training models for practicing practical skills are used in the classes.
The university is actively developing; curriculum is constantly updated and new multimedia resources are being introduced. In recent years the project of a large-scale reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the main laboratory building of the University has been implemented.
As a result of the reconstruction, the Center for Excellence in the development of innovative medicines and technologies started to work, including:
  • Center for Technology Transfer; modern simulation training complex - GMP training center
  • Center for Experimental Pharmacology, a laboratory of pharmacological research with an experimental medical and biological clinic
  • Center for Quality Control and Standardization of Medicinal Products
The University offers programs for continuous medical and pharmaceutical education; there are postgraduate and masters degree courses.
Additional educational opportunities
The university actively supports the academic mobility of students and professors, which allows exploring the best world experience and methods of training specialists for the pharmaceutical industry.
The University annually holds the All-Russian scientific conference of students and postgraduate students with international participation "YOUNG PHARMACY IS THE POTENTIAL OF THE FUTURE". This event is considered important for the whole Russia, as the intensive development of the pharmaceutical industry is one of the today’s priorities implemented by the Government of the Russian Federation.
Students regularly participate and win at the All-Russian student pharmaceutical academic competition, which gives an opportunity for professional growth and interesting communication among talented young scientists and renowned specialists.
The organizing committee of the All-Russian student pharmaceutical academic competition traditionally includes top officials of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and representatives of the largest pharmaceutical companies, who later become employers for young specialists.
The University has its own museum where collections with unique specimens of herbariums, items of equipment from old pharmacies and prescriptions are exposed; this all allows students to get better understanding of their profession.
The university has a unique scientific library. The library's fund consist of 300,000 units, including 103,000 volumes of scientific literature, 145,000 volumes of educational literature, 125 journal names. The library's funds also include 532 thesis researches, 2720 abstracts of theses and relevant reference books in foreign languages, as well as a number of rare editions of the XIX century. The library has electronic access to leading industry portals and international scientific journals.
University students have the opportunity to get education with full immersion in practice. Theoretical knowledge is reinforced by practical experience, regular work in modern research laboratories, with which the University cooperates. The University has a large partnership base with leading pharmaceutical companies and research centers. Students have the opportunity to do practical training in the best industry companies in Russia and other countries, to adopt experience from leading experts in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.
New educational projects are constantly appearing at the University, they confirm the university tradition of the uniting science, education and business, and are of particular interest to students. For example, in the Center for Pharmaceutical Cosmetology, a joint educational project with L'Oreal was launched at the University; specialists of the well-known company VEROPHARM (Abbott Group) carried out an Internet seminar. There are a lot of such examples, these direct contacts with leading companies allow students to be aware of both up-to-date scientific discoveries and relevant practice.
Pharmacognosy and botany summer practical training takes place in a special place.
The University has its own breeding nursery of medicinal plants that is a unique ecological and scientific object for Eastern Europe. At the breeding nursery techniques for growing and harvesting medicinal plants are developed and scaled up. The annual international scientific-practical seminar "Medicinal plant growing and modern pharmaceutical industry" is held in the breeding nursery. Scientists, agronomists and farmers from Russia and from Southern, Eastern and Western European countries take part in this event.

Students also train for the occupation of the pharmacist doing practical work. This activity is connected with the organization and coordination of retail trade of drugstore goods. The work of the pharmacist is always in demand, because it is related to the pharmacies work, to storage and drug products sale.
The amount and quality of knowledge and practical skills accumulated at the University fully meet the modern needs of the industry markets and is highly appreciated by employers.
Comfortable living conditions
The university provides students with comfortable living conditions. Students are accommodated in the hostel with comfortable rooms and equipped areas for recreation and socializing. The University has the entire necessary infrastructure and a warm atmosphere for the international student to feel at home.
Interesting hobbies
Students of the University live an interesting and busy life. The Student Council together with the administration of the university conducts many events, such as matriculation ceremony, festivals, creative and sports competitions. One of the events that attract special attention is the Beauty and Intellect contest - Miss University.
Competition "Best in the profession" is also always of great interest. Students graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Industrial Medicine Technology compete in professional knowledge, skills and ingenuity.
Before the New Year holidays, traditional skating is held, organized by the student council of the University. Students and professors of the University take part in this traditional Russian gaiety. For all participants of this event games and dances, as well as gifts from Father Frost and Snow Maiden are prepared.
100% support and security
The university supervises life and education of international students, maintains contact with parents. University staff will always help to solve issues, regarding organization of life and learning.
Prestigious internationally recognized diploma
You will obtain a Russian higher education state diploma, indicating the degree of "Master of Pharmacy" and specialty. If you wish, you can get an additional document - "Diploma Supplement", which will ensure the equivalence of the diploma in any of the 47 European and other countries that signed the "Bologna agreement on mutual recognition of educational documents", to continue your education or employment in these countries.
Affordable quality education
You will get a professional pharmaceutical education at an affordable price, with the best combination of quality of education and its cost. Your education is partially subsidized by the Russian State, which allows to reduce the cost of education and make it affordable for citizens from different countries.
Career prospects
After graduation you will be able to work in pharmaceutical institutions (pharmacies), scientific and perfumery-cosmetic laboratories, take leading positions in the enterprises of the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Fundamental theoretical training and extensive practical experience allow graduates of the University to open their own pharmacies or companies for the development and production of medicines.
Immersion in the profession
You will be educated with a full immersion in pharmaceutical practice. You will reinforce theoretical knowledge by practical experience, regular work in modern scientific laboratories and research centers with which the University cooperates.
Personal comfort
You will learn and live in a friendly atmosphere and in a comfortable environment. The campus of the University has all the necessary infrastructure elements to make your life comfortable. University staff and students will always provide you with the necessary support on all issues.
Personal growth
You will be involved in academic, scientific, creative and sports activities that will allow you to discover your talents to the fullest. The university offers you great opportunities for development and interesting student life.
Acquaintance with the new culture
The rich culture of St. Petersburg will fill your life with new impressions and knowledge. New friends, interesting communication, bright events and travel will make your student life unforgettable.
The university is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. For 200 years the city was the capital of the Russian state. All the best in culture and progressive in science was concentrated in St. Petersburg. Today it remains the cultural capital of Russia, and Moscow is the official capital. You can easily make an exciting excursion to the very heart of Russia - to Moscow.
St. Petersburg provides unique opportunities to get acquainted with the masterpieces of world architecture, painting, theatrical art. Famous for the whole world, the Hermitage stores unique art collections. The palaces and temples of the city admire their greatness.
Today St. Petersburg is the largest economic and scientific center, one of the leaders of innovations in Russia. Specially prepared sites are being created in the city that promotes the introduction of new high-tech industries, and large-scale scientific projects are being implemented in various fields.
The special atmosphere of St. Petersburg during the summer is given to the white nights. This is a phenomenon of the northern nature. The sun practically does not leave the sky. At night it's so light that you can read a book.
St. Petersburg has a unique natural landscape, which creates great water spaces. The city is located on the banks of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland. Bridges and picturesque boardwalks give the city a special charm.

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