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Moroccan lyceum students learnt why studying in Russian universities is a promising choice

On the 2nd of March 2021, a fair of Russian higher education was held in Casablanca. The event was organized by the representative of the Group of Russian State Universities “RACUS” in Morocco and Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Rabat.
The students of the Groupe Scolaire de Bourgogne Lyceum, where the presentation was held, attended the fair. Other students of the schools in this region were also given the opportunity to participate in the seminar. A transfer bus was organized for the students. During the presentation all the measures to prevent the spreading of coronavirus infection were taken.

At the event the Moroccan students learnt about the advantages of receiving higher education in Russia: worldwide recognized degree, more than 500 popular medical, engineering, technical, economic, and humanitarian programs to choose from, leading universities with 100 years of history, affordable tuition fees.

RACUS organization representatives spoke about Russian universities and study programs to the students and answered their questions regarding the possibilities of working during the studies and the opportunity to receive Russian citizenship. The students learnt even more about studying in Russia from the videos in Arabic and French.

During the presentation it was highlighted that thanks to the mass voluntary vaccination and lower numbers of new coronavirus cases starting from the 8th of February 2021 all Russian universities switched back to the traditional offline format of studies.

RACUS organization wants to thank the principles of the school for the invitation and hopes that this kind of event will become traditional. At the end of the seminar RACUS representatives invited the participants to study in Russia. The students can get a consultation regarding the admission in the representation office of RACUS organization in Morocco all year round.