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We congratulate 395 graduates of Tambov State University on their graduation

We celebrate this event precisely thanks to the dogged desire of the young to obtain professional knowledge and skills, their thirst for knowledge; experience and mastery of the professors, as well as constant devoted work of highly qualified specialists of “RACUS” international department, providing entering of foreign students to the Russian Universities and their mentoring during the whole period of studies. Thanks to the students’ day-to-day work and well-coordinated work of the specialists, about 90% of the students got their diplomas, which is the highest result, according to the international criteria. This figure was reached only thanks to the individual work with each and every student, as well as professors’ complementary work with students aimed to the improvement of their knowledge, necessary for the successful finishing of educational program. Currently about 13000 people study in Tambov State University, 3000 of them are foreign students from 72 countries across the world. That is one of the highest figures on the territory of Russia.
Graduates enter adulthood at an interesting time of the development of innovation and mass adoption of new engineering procedures. The tendency of shortage of subject matter specialists in the fields of medicine and high-tech engineering has always been a vital problem but pandemic has made it even clearer. Professional and academic training in Russian state universities allows students to get a job with a promising career in their degree field just after the graduation.

Annually graduates of the Medical Institute of Tambov State University successfully pass FMGE medical exam on the first try in India and other countries across the world. For instance, in 2018-2020 graduates of the university took positions 1-3 amongst 15000 graduates from 200 countries of the world, which is an absolutely record result. Graduates of the university consistently hold leading positions in the graduates ranking, proving the high level of knowledge acquired in Derzhavin Tambov State University.

The staff of “RACUS” ( congratulates graduates of the university and wishes them to keep the thirst for knowledge and curiosity for the whole life. At the university you got valuable knowledge and now your job is to use and to multiply it. Remember that you are always welcome in “RACUS”, we wait for all the graduates to continue further education on postgraduate programmes. We are here and we will always help! We wish you success and good luck!