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Educational webinars in 8 African countries

On the 17th and 19th of March 2021 RACUS Organization has held educational webinars for future students from 8 African countries: Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.
Representatives of RACUS Organization from the above mentioned countries, students of RACUS group universities and graduates of Russian universities who work successfully in their home countries took part in the webinar.
Employees of RACUS central office have told about advantages of studying at 20 leading Russian state universities of RACUS group, and also about opportunity to choose from 500 medical, engineering, economic and humanities programs taught in Russian, English and French languages. Besides, visitors have found out about various educational grants offered to foreign students by RACUS Organization.

Representatives of RACUS organization who promote Russian education in 8 African countries described application process to Russian universities in 2021/2022 academic year and services provided to the students and their parents, starting from initial consultation and choosing educational program, and finishing with organizing arrival in Russia.

Invited students and graduates shared their experience of living and studying in Russia, they spoke of the most memorable moments of their student’s lives and gave useful advice to future students. At the end of the webinar the graduates recommended everyone to study in Russia, as their example shows success in life and career.

The viewers had a unique opportunity to ask their questions and get answers on-line. Most questions were connected to the medical programs, as the pandemic has shown the lack of highly qualifies specialists in the field of medicine. The candidates were also interested in engineering specialties.

All candidates can watch the webinars on our YouTube channel.