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Participation of RACUS organization in the education exhibition series in Iraq (Bagdad, Najaf and Basra)

From the 2nd to the 7th of August 2018 organization RACUS took part in an educational exhibition series in the major cities of Iraq namely Bagdad, Najaf and Basra.
The exhibition series was timed to the final secondary school certificates release in order to inform the youth of Iraq about higher education in prestigious Russian state universities of RACUS group. It is the first time Russian state universities participate in such events in this country. It is important to note that the universities’ certificates are recognized by the Ministry of education of Iraq and therefore the event aroused a great interest to the higher education in Russia.
Medicine and engineering courses (particularily oil and gas engineering and civil engineering) are among the most demanded on the labor marked of Iraq. Visitors of the exhibition stand “Study in Russia” were well informed about the admission process to the Russian state universities as well as of life and study in Russia. Every visitor received an informative brochures and souvenirs of RACUS organization.

During the exhibition series in Iraq delegation of RACUS organization had a number of meetings with representatives of the Russian embassy to Iraq. Among them were Counselor of the Russian embassy in Bagdad A.K. Silin, Second secretary of the Embassy D.S. Petin, Consul general of Russia in Basra A.A. Grigoryev and Vice-consul A.P. Andreev. During the meetings the sides emphasized the importance of Russia in training highly qualified specialists for labor market of Iraq. The sides agreed on future close cooperation in promoting Russian higher education in this country.
Participation of RACUS organization in the exhibition series has contributed to strengthening of the popularity of the Russian higher education in Iraq.