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RACUS organization took part in educational exhibitions in Morocco

January 2019, RACUS group of Russian state universities took part in educational exhibitions in Morocco. Exhibitions were held in two cities - Laayoune and Dakhla.
The event was opened by the governor, the Vali of regions (representatives of the King of Morocco) and high-ranking officials. Vali and the governor welcomed guests, noted the importance of higher education and lack of high-qualified educated personnel in the labor market in Western Sahara, wished young people to study and improve their skills.
These exhibitions are very popular among young people and their parents, since it is the place where you can get information and first-hand experience from the graduates about universities and study programs. The best inspirational example for the youth are those specialists from Morocco, who have graduated from Russian state universities of RACUS group and are now building successful careers in various fields.
Over 4000 schoolchildren and their parents learned about advantages of studying in Russia, terms of admission and degree courses taught in 20 Russian state universities in 10 cities of the European part of the country. Potential students will definitely find the specialty of their choice, because the universities of RACUS group offer programs in over 500 medical, engineering, economic specialties and humanities, and studies are available not only in Russian, but also in French and in English languages.
All visitors received colorful information brochures with the “Study in Russia” logo and souvenirs.
For further consultation and admission procedure to Russian state universities of RACUS group all interested school graduates and their parents were invited to RACUS organization representative offices in Morocco.