Main pageNewsRussia2021 Saratov State Medical University (SSMU) is in “TOP-1000 World Universities” in Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking

Saratov State Medical University (SSMU) is in “TOP-1000 World Universities” in Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking

Medical universities ranked in the 2020 University Impact Rankings (contribution of universities to solving global problems) occupy a special place
The immense pressure on the healthcare system during the 2020 pandemic has exposed a catastrophic shortage of healthcare workers around the world. On the other hand, interest in medical technologies, innovations and progressive solutions in the health care system has increased and growth in science has increased. That is why there has been a steady trend among applicants in recent years to apply to medical specialties. Selfless work of medical workers, real heroes, helped to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. Once again, Russian medical system has proven its worth and strength.

It was especially joyful to learn that our Saratov State Medical University (SSMU) entered the "TOP-1000 World Universities" according to the Times Higher Education ranking. Based on 17 sustainable development goals (United Nations) aimed at sustainable elimination of poverty, conservation of resources and provision of well-being, researchers have formed indicators for assessing the performance of universities. The "TOP-1000 World Universities" include 47 universities of Russia (out of 1274).

The RACUS organization sincerely congratulates Saratov State Medical University, a member of the RACUS group, on this achievement! This testifies to the serious potential and recognition of the university's merits by the world medical community. High merits and worldwide recognition of the university with a 110-year history are the key factors for foreign students who choose SSMU. Since 2021 "General Medicine", "Dentistry" and "Pharmacy" programs are taught not only in Russian, but also in English and French.

We wish everyone who contributes to the prosperity of the university to achieve ambitious goals, burst with endless energy and have an indefatigable thirst for new discoveries and achievements! For full information about the university, visit our website: