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8 gold medals: Russian students set absolute world record at the 21st Asian Olympiad in Taiwan

Russia is still doing better than any other country! Russia has proved once again that its educational system is one of the strongest and most progressive in the world.
The Asian Olympiad in Taiwan is considered to be the most difficult among similar competitions. The Olympiad was held from May 17 to May 24 in two competition rounds. The Russian national team was represented by 8 participants. In total, over 180 participants from 23 countries took part in the Olympiad. The national team was trained in Russia under the guidance of experienced mentors with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education.
Online format introduced its own adjustments and difficulties. "At this Olympiad there were complex and tricky Asian tasks in physics and the practical part consisted of an experiment simulated on a computer. Nobody in the world knows how to prepare for this," shared his opinion the coach of the team Vitaly Shevchenko, deputy head of the laboratory for Engaging Gifted Students. "The worthy result of our team underlines once again the quality of the methods and models of Russian education, aimed at revealing the abilities and talents from the earliest years in everyone who strives for knowledge," said the Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov.

Organization RACUS congratulates the winners and their teachers with a phenomenal victory and wishes to stay strong in the pursuit of your goals! May good luck always accompany you, and may your international victories confidently advance Russia to a pedestal in the field of world’s education. We are proud of you!

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