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Scarlet Sails is a celebration of a dream come true!

St. Petersburg is the only city in the world where graduation turns into a citywide celebration. The event takes place in the Northern capital and has long acquired global scale: tourists fr om different countries and cities come to watch the show.
The most spectacular event of the whole evening is the appearance in the Neva River, the largest in the north-west of Russia, of a ship with scarlet sails that are made according to the technology of real sea sails that go to the open sea. Scarlet Sails is the world's only alumni celebration wh ere a grand show of light and music takes place on land and on water.

In 2019 Scarlet Sails won the prestigious Best Event Awards World competition. The project took the main award in the Iconic Event Award nomination. The event "Scarlet Sails - 2020" became a laureate of the prestigious international prize "Global Eventex Award", which is considered a kind of "Oscar" in the world of the event industry. The world expert community recognized the project as the winner in four nominations at once: "Festive Event", "Cultural Event", "Music Event" and "Art Event".

In 2021, a holiday for school graduates will be held in the traditional and long-awaited offline format in compliance with epidemiological safety standards due to the pandemic. The "Scarlet Sails 2021" holiday is the last school salute for graduates, the sail of hope and the meeting of the dawn - everything that will remain in memory for many years and will become the first step into adulthood for yesterday's schoolchildren

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