Main pageNewsMorocco2021 The sixth "Open Days of Russian Higher Education" took place in Morocco: the number of visitors has increased several times!

The sixth "Open Days of Russian Higher Education" took place in Morocco: the number of visitors has increased several times!

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On August 24-26, 2021, the “RACUS” organization together with the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Rabat (Morocco) held the sixth “Open Days of Russian Higher Education” dedicated to the admission of Moroccan youth to study at Russian universities in 2021/2022 academic year. Employees of the "RACUS" organization met with graduates of Moroccan schools who are looking for a country where they can study on the program of their dream, as well as with parents of the applicants. Visitors were interested in all the details of admission to Russian universities.
The Moroccans were especially delighted with the long-awaited opportunity to finally come to study in Russia and study full-time: the Russian authorities made a fundamental decision to allow foreign students to enter Russia for studies at higher educational institutions in 2021/2022 academic year. The rules and criteria for the entry of foreign students into Russia will be approved in the nearest future. This news has revived interest in studying in Russia. Follow our news: we are monitoring the situation and promptly publish all the news about entry of foreign students into Russia! And just like you, we are very happy and look forward to specific instructions and rules of entry.

During the exhibition, visitors learned about the admission rules to study at Russian state universities with a 100-year history, about the variety of training programs (500+), learned what programs are considered the most popular in Morocco and in the world. The visitors were also pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to study in French, English or Russian.

The applicants showed the greatest interest in the following universities: Saratov State Medical University, Astrakhan State Medical University, Tambov State University, North Caucasus Federal University, South Russian State Polytechnic University, Admiral Makarov State University of Marine and Inland Shipping. The applicants have watched videos about studying at these universities, which helped them to choose one.

The number of ambitious Moroccans among students at Russian state universities is growing every year. The group of Russian state universities “RACUS” provides Moroccan youth with all the opportunities to obtain prestigious higher education in Russia.

Start your path to success - see you in Russia!