Main pageNewsRussia2021 The news which 100,000 foreign students were looking forward to: foreign students are allowed to enter Russia to study in the Russian universities!

The news which 100,000 foreign students were looking forward to: foreign students are allowed to enter Russia to study in the Russian universities!

On August 28, 2021, the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation Valery Falkov announced that the Emergency Response Centre to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Russia adopted the algorithm of entering Russia for foreign students. All the foreign students of the Russian universities (continuing their education or admitted to the first year) will be able to come to Russian universities for studies this week.
Foreign students need to bear the following in mind:

1. The studies in 2021/2022 academic year will start from September 1, 2021 as usual: for the students who are already in Russia, the classes will be held in offline format. For the students who are currently in their home countries (abroad), the classes will be held in online format. In this online format the students will be studying till the moment their invitation letter is formalized in the migration service, they receive their study visa in the Embassy of Russia and actually enter Russia. The whole process takes up to 2 months. After entering Russia, the students will continue their education in the universities in offline format.
2. Students can enter Russia with any kinds of flights, i.e. direct or transit flights (regardless of the country of transit).
3. All students who need the invitation letters for studies should send a request to start issuing the invitation letter to the international departments of their universities. The students need to attach three documents to the letter: questionnaire (provided by the university), copy of the passport, copy of the previous expired visa. Every student will receive the invitation letter when it is formalized by the Migration service – it usually takes around 35-45 days to issue the invitation letter. You can ask the employers of the international departments of the universities for help. For the invitation letter to be formalized, the students need to comply with all the requirements according to the contract (provide all the necessary documents, pay your tuition fees, accommodation and life and health insurance fee).

4. To enter Russia the student needs to meet the following requirement: it is necessary to have a negative PCR taken not earlier than 3 days before entering Russia and a second PCR taken during the first 3 days after entering Russia. After entering Russia, the students can get vaccinated with any of the vaccines recognized in Russia. More information regarding the vaccination can be collected in the university.
5. The expected period of arrival for studies (considering the formalization of the invitation letter, visa and other formalities): second half of October – November 2021.
6. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact RACUS organization via email: You will be provided with the fullest and latest information.

We know you have been looking forward to this moment for a really long time! Follow our updates and now it is time to start preparing the documents and pack your bags!
RACUS organization is waiting for you! Pursue your goals right now. See you in Russia!