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Word of the General Director of RACUS organization Avbakar Nutsalov

Dear students!

In response to increasing number of calls and messages from you, I’d like to provide you with the most detailed and complete information on the coronavirus situation in Russia.

The Russian government is now doing its best to stop the mass spread of coronavirus and to keep the situation under control. All infected patients are hospitalized in specialized hospitals of infectious diseases in order to keep to a minimum the spread and the contamination of those around you.

All schools and universities have switched to distance learning, which also prevents the spread of coronavirus in Russia. Therefore, I can assure you that it is safe to be in Russia these days. Now it is a perfect time for quiet studies at hostels or at home that gives you an opportunity to revise what you have already learned and to check your knowledge.

Due to the current situation, we urge you to take care of your health and protect others by doing the following:
• Wash your hands with soap for about 2 minutes, especially when you come from outside
• Don’t touch your face with dirty fingers
• Don’t use the public transport during the rush hour unless you have to.
• Keep the distance from people at least one meter away (no handshakes, hugs, or kisses).
• Let some fresh air into your room several times a day.
• Disinfect your smartphone and surfaces that different people touch (such as tables, door handles, etc.)
• Do not let other people to use your personal items

If you have some ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection) symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) call the doctor or free COVID hotline 8-800-200-01-12 (for calls within Russia).

Our dear students, you are safe! Don't panic, as the situation in Russia is much better than in any other European country and in the large majority of countries throughout the world. Stay safe and wash hands!

We are with you!
For any information, please, contact us:
+7 (812) 245-66-55
8 (800) 222-80-95 (free call inside Russia)
E-mail :