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A unique money museum opened at Tambov State University

On the 9th of September a new exhibition area opened at Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin – World Money Museum.
The unique exhibition of this museum contains the first coins and paper money from multiple countries of Europe, Asia, America, Africa, as well as banknotes from different countries of the world, clothing and household items and souvenirs, donated to the museum, also by numerous foreign students who study at the Tambov State University thanks to RACUS organization. Currently, about 3,000 foreign students from 64 countries of the world are doing their studies at the university.

The museum's exposition is designed to show currency not only as a measure of value and payment, but also as a reflection of national identity, material culture and a tool of international communication. Such knowledge will be useful to all university students, but especially to those who study finance, economics and management at Tambov State University.
We advise everyone to visit this museum and do their bit if it turns out that the banknotes of your country are missing in its collection. RACUS organization will also contribute and donate a 50-million Zimbabwean dollars banknote to the new World Money Museum. Surprisingly, there was such money during the period of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe.

If you have not yet chosen to become a student at a Russian university which will give you an internationally recognized higher education and the opportunity to earn money that will be enough to open your own money museum - now is the time to do it!
Despite the fact that the admission period is coming to an end, you can still make it. Apply online on our website: