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Electronic visas

Dear students of Russian state universities of RACUS organization! We are glad to inform you that from the 1st of January 2021, Russia is going to start issuing a single electronic visa that will be valid throughout the country. Foreign citizens will be able to come to Russia for up to 16 days upon receiving an electronic single-entry visa which will take 4 calendar days to be issued.
This visa is suitable for travelers coming to Russia for tourist, business, visiting and humanitarian purposes. It will be issued as a single-entry visa that is valid for 60 calendar days with an allowed period of stay in Russia of up to 16 days.

To obtain the visa, foreign citizens will need to fill in an application on the website The list of countries whose citizens can apply for a universal electronic single-entry visa is currently being approved. It is expected that citizens of 53 foreign countries will have the right of entrance with an electronic visa. There is a visa-free regime of entry to Russia for citizens of 60 other countries. Thus, from January 2021, citizens of 113 foreign countries with a total population of almost 4 billion people will be able to enter Russia without the need for a paper visa.

It is expected that a consular fee of about $50 will be set for the formalization of the new e-visa.

This simplification of the Russian visa obtaining procedure guarantees that relatives of students who are doing their studies in Russia will be able to visit them whenever it suits them, without wasting their time on visits to the embassy to get a paper visa. We hope that, thanks to this visa regime simplification, your parents will be able to visit you more often. It will be especially relevant for students’ parents willing to attend the graduation ceremonies. Now, instead of 60 days, it will take only 4 days to get both the invitation and the visa. If you need a consultation on visa obtaining procedure, RACUS organization is always ready to provide you with free informational support.