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RACUS organization opens a representative office in Venezuela, in the 73rd country of the world

On the 27th of April 2021 an official meeting between the general director of RACUS organization, Avbakar Nutsalov, and the president of Chamber Venezuelan-Russian Economic Cooperation Pablo Trujillo, Pablo Trujillo. Thanks to full assistance and support of this organization, Venezuela became the 73rd country of the world where RACUS organization opened its representative office and named it “RACUS-Venezuela”. The office successfully passed all procedures of registration and started the work with the applicants.
During the meeting the parties discussed all current questions that concern the activity of the office in Venezuela, popularization of Russian higher education in Venezuela and other issues regarding the recruitment of Venezuelan young people to Russian universities and their further training to become highly qualified specialists for its labor market. According to Pablo Trujillo the most demanded Russian state medical and engineering universities among Venezuelan prospective students are those that offer education in Russian and English mediums.

Pablo Trujillo was thankful to RACUS organization for hospitality and expressed his readiness to provide all kinds of support in spreading information about education and increasing of number of Venezuelan students at Russian Universities. The parties invited each other to exchange employees of organizations in order to reach better integration into cultural characteristics and mentality of their countries. As the results of the meeting, the parties reached the agreements on common plans and strategies of development, on continuation of the dialogue and on realization of the plans outlined at the meeting.

The meeting was held in warm and friendly ambiance, in the atmosphere of live communication and mutual concern in active cooperation. RACUS organization thanks Chamber Venezuelan-Russian Economic Cooperation for its support and hopes for productive cooperation and increase in the number of Venezuelan young people entering the Russian universities of RACUS group.