Estude na RússiaNotíciasArgélia2019 RACUS organization held an education exhibition « Étudier en Russie-2019» and participated in international education fairs in the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

RACUS organization held an education exhibition « Étudier en Russie-2019» and participated in international education fairs in the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

On July 2-7, 2019 RACUS organization participated in a huge educational tour, which took place in the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. RACUS presented 20 best Russian State universities of the group RACUS and programs offered by them, which are highly-demanded on the global labor market.
On the 2nd of July RACUS arranged an education exhibition « Étudier en Russie-2019» in Tlemcen. This event was visited by many candidates and their parents. During conversation with the RACUS representative in Algeria, visitors expressed their interest in medical and engineering programs offered in Russian and French by RACUS group universities with a century-long history.

On the 4th of July RACUS presented Russian higher education at an international education fair «Study in Russia-2019» in Oran. Visitors of the RACUS stand, which was the most informative and bright, learnt not only about Russian higher education system, but also about the students’ living conditions. Students entering Russian universities through RACUS are provided with a guaranteed place in a comfortable student hostel and everything required for studies and leisure for the whole period of studies.

On July 6-7, an international education exhibition was held in Algiers. Thousands of visitors of the exhibition got to know about studies in Russia. At RACUS organization’s invitation, the Russian exhibition stand was visited by the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Algeria, Govor Andrey Vladimirovich. He underlined the significance of Russian-Algerian relationship development in the field of higher education, as well as RACUS organization’s important contribution while working with Algerian students, as well as students from more than 70 other countries.

Exhibition tour concluded on the 9th of July in Constantine. Over the course of the exhibition, RACUS managers have provided consultations regarding the procedure of admission to Russian universities in 2019/2020 academic year to numerous attendees and also informed them that the diplomas of Russian universities of RACUS group are recognized all of the world. This is why graduates from Russian universities are highly valued on the global labor market and many of them have already become famous due to their inventions and significant contribution to science.

A busy exhibition tour and a high amount of visitors of RACUS stands have proved once again that Russian higher education is a key to successful future for Algerian youth. Nowadays, the quality of education in Russia is ahead of many American and European universities, and the tuition fee in Russian State universities of RACUS group is very accessible.

Visitors of exhibitions in every Algerian city were invited to RACUS representative office in Algeria to get a free additional consultation about Russian higher education and document submission for 2019/2020 academic year.