Estude na RússiaNotíciasMarrocos2020 RACUS organization held an educational exhibition tour over educational institutions in the Kingdom of Morocco

RACUS organization held an educational exhibition tour over educational institutions in the Kingdom of Morocco

In January 2020, group of Russian state universities RACUS concluded a 3-month educational exhibition tour over schools in the Kingdom of Morocco.
Education “caravan” attracted a lot of promising Moroccan youths and their parents interested in getting a reputable higher education and convinced that Russian state universities can provide it. That is why all the visitors of educational fairs and seminars held by RACUS organization were highly enthusiastic to learn more about 20 leading Russian state universities of RACUS group, in particular through video presentations. Many questions were asked.

Numerous visitors of the fair discovered that graduates of Russian state universities of RACUS group are in high demand at the global labour market because throughout their entire time at the university they were taught by world famous professors and applied theory to practice during internships in prominent companies. Besides, every university of RACUS group is fitted with hi-tech equipment that makes educational process interesting and effective. No wonder these universities are among the best ones in Russia and in the world.

Visitors of the stand of RACUS organization also had an opportunity to get detailed information about 500 study programs in medicine, engineering, economics and human sciences offered at Russian state universities of RACUS group. Representatives of RACUS organization were present at the event to consult visitors on matters such as admission to Russian universities, living conditions in dormitories, study process and many more.

All of our guests received information booklets in French and Arabic as well as souvenirs, watched video presentations of universities and feedbacks of Moroccan citizens currently studying in Russia. According to visitors of RACUS’ stands, this information was very useful and helped them to choose to study at universities of RACUS group. Most of future students expressed their desire to study programs in French medium that were created by RACUS organization in cooperation with Russian universities.
Later all the numerous visitors of education fairs were invited to visit representation office of RACUS organization in the Kingdom of Morocco in order to receive a free consultation and prepare documents for admission at Russian state universities of RACUS group in 2020/2021 academic year.