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Long-awaited graduation ceremony took place in Ural State Medical University

The 113th graduation of highly qualified doctors took place in Ural State Medical University on the 27th of June 2019. 600 specialists received their diplomas of higher medical education, 92 of them graduated from the university with diplomas with honors.
“It seems like yesterday, but 6 years ago you were present here on the Freshman day. You were shy and chary. Today I can see entirely different people: confident, bright, inspired. You may face some difficulties on your way but I am absolutely sure that you will never be disappointed with the choice of your profession. Be devoted to our common goal – serving medicine”, – the Rector of Ural State Medical University, Olga Kovtun, congratulated future doctors.

Elegant and happy graduates who spent in USMU so many valuable and interesting years are ready to start building a successful medical career not only in Russia but in any country of the world. The quality of knowledge received in Ural State Medical University will allow them to overcome any problems and to prove themselves as valued medical employees.

Ural State Medical University of RACUS group is one of the leading medical universities in Russia according to many rankings. Education programs of Ural State Medical University in the programs of “General Medicine”, “Dentistry” received international accreditation and are included in the European register of accredited programs (Database of External Quality Assurance Results – DEQAR). That is why USMU is highly valued on the international education market.

RACUS organization congratulates all graduates of 2019 of Ural State Medical University. We wish you constant enthusiasm in profession and new great opportunities in medical field. We would also like to thank the teaching personnel for educating such valuable medical employees.

Good luck, dear graduates!