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Graduates of Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University got their long-awaited diplomas of higher pharmaceutical education

On the 5-th of July a magnificent conference hall of a five-star hotel Talion located in the heart of Saint Petersburg hosted a solemn graduation ceremony for 2019 graduate foreign students of Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University, a member of RACUS group.
It was impossible to take eyes off graduates on this wonderful day. Mantles, academic caps and the most important detail - smiles on their faces - all this created a special atmosphere of the holiday. The graduates arrived several hours prior to the start of the ceremony in order to congratulate each other on such an important occasion.

The long-awaited graduation ceremony started with welcoming speeches given by members of administration and teaching staff. Honorable guests thanked the graduates for their choice of such a difficult and very humane profession of pharmacist and managed to go through all the stages of this both interesting and difficult way.

Ms. Maria Vanina, one of RACUS managers, and the General Director Mr. Avbakar Nutsalov congratulated graduates on behalf of RACUS organization. Ms. Maria Vanina expressed the hope that after graduation students will not stop studying and will continue their professional development to be always on the top.
Parents of graduates expressed their gratitude. They are sure that education received in Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University is really prestigious, high quality and prospective. During all years of studies, they found the confirmation of the quality of mentoring and assistance provided to their children by managers of RACUS organization. These and many other factors motivate parents of the graduates to plan education in Russia through RACUS for their children.

Graduates themselves could not stay apart. They went to the stage to give a valedictory speech. They thanked the teaching staff and the managers of department of the North and West Africa of RACUS organization. Warm words were also addressed to their parents who counted on their children during all years of studies and always supported them.

After all congratulations the diplomas were delivered to foreign students from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and other countries. Graduates were shining with happiness when they heard their names called to the stage, shook hands with honored professors and received the sacred document. All graduates supported each other, applauded, took pictures and gave warm hugs to each other.

At the end of a solemn ceremony the graduation caps were thrown in the air symbolizing the termination of the university and beginning of a new professional stage in life. After the ceremony the certified specialists stayed in the conference hall for a while: they took photos with friends and parents, thanked professors and exchanged their emotions. Despite they are no longer students, Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University will always remain a second home for them where it is possible to find support and help.

RACUS organization congratulates all the graduates! We wish you on-going professional development and magnificent life journey. We also want to thank the university administration and professors of Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University for precious knowledge and experience shared with every student!

Have a nice journey, dear graduates!