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Bill on simplification of employment for international students in Russia

In January 2020, State Duma of Russian Federation has agreed on the content of the bill allowing international students to work in Russia without reception of a relevant permit.
Currently international students can only work in Russia on campus during holidays, otherwise they have to obtain a special permit.
Once this bill is adopted, international students wouldn’t need any supplementary document for working outside campus. Indeed, they could work in any company based in Russia on the basis of an employment contract. Thus, international students will have an opportunity to apply fundamental knowledge they get at the university on practice while working and earning an income at prestigious Russian companies.
This bill has been introduced in order to reach objectives fixed by Russian president Vladimir Putin aiming to double the number of international students in Russia until 2025 i.e. to attract approximately 710 000 international students per year.

For almost 30 years RACUS organization has been promoting Russian higher education in the world. We continue to pursue this goal and admit every year a large number of ambitious young people from over 72 countries for studies at Russian state universities.

This bill will make Russia even more attractive for international youth enabling Russia to take the leading position among the most attractive countries for international students (right now Russia holds the 4th place in the world).