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Education in Russia is an investment in the future, an opportunity to get a universally recognized Russian state university diploma and become a high-demand specialist in any country around the world. And although education in Russian state universities for foreign citizens is much more affordable than in European ones, the financial side of it often does not allow to make plans the reality. Grants and scholarships can help to get the desired degree in Russian universities.
RACUS organization annually provides scholarships and / or grants for the education of foreign citizens in Russian state universities that are part of the RACUS group. Follow our news on our website or on our Facebook page in order to apply on time and submit documents in accordance with the established procedure and become one of the students in universities under our scholarship program.
The "BRIGHT FUTURE” scholarship of RACUS organization covers the tuition and accommodation fee for the period of study (from 1 to 6 years, depending on the program and duration of study established by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation). All information on the conditions of participation in the competition for a scholarship or a grant and the list of documents required for registration and submission is indicated in the competition documentation attached to each scholarship.
The candidates are guaranteed to get all the services free of charge from RACUS organization employees, starting from the first consultation on education to obtaining a diploma, namely:
  • consulting on application, admission and studying at the university;
  • expertise of educational documents eligibility for the possibility of admission to the university;
  • providing a letter of consent for admission to the university;
  • issue of an invitation to study at the Migration Service;
  • consulting on obtaining a study visa at the Russian Embassy;
  • organizing an arrival to Russia;
  • meeting at the airport in Moscow / St. Petersburg;
  • transfer to the city and/ or university of study;
  • accommodation in a student hostel;
  • organization of the beginning of studies at the university;
  • supporting and helping the Student for the entire period of study at the university until graduation.
Thus, the student receives all the necessary information for successfully completing a degree in Russia.
Follow our news on our website and don't miss the opportunity to make your dreams come true today!
If you have not passed the competition for a scholarship (grant) or cannot apply for a scholarship (grant) by the terms of the competition or for some other reason, but want to study in Russia, paying an affordable tuition fee, complete an application form on our website.
Russia is one of the leading countries in the field of international education. The Russian Government annually awards scholarships for foreign citizens wanting to enter universities in Russian Federation (18,000 people in 2021, 23,000 people in 2022, 30,000 people in 2023).

The winner of the annual “Bright future” scholarship competition in 2021
Zakir Hussain Sumaiya Farhana (India)