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Tuition fees
Tuition, accommodation in a student hostel and insurance fees, stipulated in US dollars, are an approximate equivalent of tuition fees in Russian rubles. The actual tuition and accommodation fees may be slightly corrected due to the US dollars / Russian ruble exchange rate correlation on the International Monetary Exchange as on the date of the tuition, accommodation and insurance fees invoice issuance.
The above-mentioned fees for tuition, accommodation in student hostel, life and health insurance are valid only for 2018/2019 academic year.
Foundation course
Applicants who do not speak Russian are admitted to the 1-year educational program Foundation course in order to study Russian language and specialty-related subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, informatics and others) required for admission to the chosen program at the university.
Tuition, accommodation, medical insurance fees and information about other expenses are to be requested at the RACUS representative office in your country or at the central office in St. Petersburg (Russia).
Legalization of the documents
The price for legalization of the documents which is required to obtain the 'Certificate of Equivalence', obligatory for all international students, in Rosobrnadzor (Department of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia) is 6500 Russian rubles (which is equivalent to approximately 110 US dollars). All the activities concerning the preparation of the documentation package required to obtain the equivalence certificate and the equivalence procedure itself are undertaken by the student himself/herself at their own expense.
Other expences
During the initial registration procedure the candidate pays a enrollment fee of 300 USD which covers the charges for the issuance of the invitation letter for studies, sending the original and other documents to the candidate's country of the permanent residence by express mail (DHL), meeting the candidate at the international airport in Moscow / Saint-Petersburg, transfer to the domestic airport / train station in Moscow, meeting at the airport / train station of the city of the University and accompanying to the University, drawing up documents for admission to University for studies, registration fee, etc. The above mentioned amount doesn't include the cost of the airfare / train ticket from Moscow to the city of your future University. Average food expenses in Russia are 300 - 400 USD per month. When first entering Russia, the candidate should have about 500 USD to buy some basic necessities and personal things (clothes, dishes, electrical equipment, etc.).